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Crazy Fan Theory: Chaos Emeralds = Infinity Stones

As those of us who watched Agents of Shield were able to pinpoint, Sonic the Hedgehog is now a character. Yes, sure, there are people to quick out that this guy is called ‘Lash’ and point to sources from the show that explain who Lash is. DO NOT BE FOOLED.*


That hair, that face... it can only belong to once person. Sonic! A more realistic one that has more blue all over him instead of the odd flesh colored spots.

“I’ve always wanted to be a character in a superhero show.”

Looking into chaos emeralds, I realized that there are seven and the infinity gauntlet only has six. Frantically, I searched for a reason to make the chaos emeralds fit my half-arsed theory.


Clearly there is a seventh infinity stone that has not been discovered by Thanos! This will be discovered at the last minute by either the guardians or the avengers or both. It will save the day.

And that, everyone, is why Sonic was on Agents of Shield.


*Please don’t take this post seriously.

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