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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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WinnieTheWoot sent me a post from tumblr (she does that a lot) that suggested a way out of all the grimdark that has taken over television and movies lately. There’s a few examples copied from the post below, your challenge is to come up with more.


Creative Challenge: The End of the Grimdark


Creative Challenge: The End of the Grimdark






I hate hate HATE all those 2edgy 4me theories about kids shows. Like Angelica dreaming up the rugrats, or the ed, edd, and eddy children being ghosts, or literally anything that takes a lighthearted and fun kids show and has to turn it into some tragic take of rape or murder or misinformed mental illness.

So you know what? From now on I’m gonna do the exact opposite. Every cool grim-dark show is now because of a bunch of children. To get us started:

Game of Thrones: A middle-school DnD campaign with the most angry, vindictive DM who has promised to kill everyone’s player characters (and their family) by the end.

Breaking Bad: a bunch of high schoolers create increasingly elaborate fanfic about their chemistry teacher Mr. White, who in reality is just overworked and joyless like all high school teachers.

The Walking Dead: People who don’t celebrate Halloween are chased by rowdy trick or treaters and when they’re caught the trick or treaters pour red cordial on them. How rude.

Criminal Minds: A bunch of criminology nerds playing a really intense game of Clue.


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