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Criminals, Misfits, and Thugs abound in the new Guardians TV Spot!

The latest snippet for new footage from Guardians of the Galaxy, which made it's début during the World Cup match between the US and Germany, has a little more Nova Corps, a little more Star-Lord and Rocket arguing, and a whole lot of action.

Although some of the footage is old - like Rocket's 'fake' laugh at Star-Lords expense - most of it's new. More Gamora/Nebula swordfight action! More ship battles between Nova Corps and Ronan's Sakaaran forces! And this glorious shot of Rocket and Groot in action:


Yup. That sure is a sentient tree and a space raccoon, hurtling away from a giant purple explosion.

Can it just be August 1st, right now please? Pretty please?

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