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Crocodile vs. Shark: Now We Know

Last week (Aug. 5), tourists in Australia's Kakadu National Park were treated to a very rare show — a saltwater crocodile eating a bull shark.


The saltie is a local named Brutus, thought to be 80 years old, missing many teeth, and missing his right front arm. The bull shark is as yet unidentified. Let's call him Unlucky.

Bull sharks have the rare ability to move from salt to freshwater, so it's not uncommon to find them swimming upriver (and may have been the kind of shark that inspired Jaws). Kakadu tourists were on one of those rivers when Brutus decided what's for dinner.

The lore goes that Brutus lost his front leg to a shark attack, but most likely it was to another crocodile. That other croc either has to be a monster to take Brutus' leg, or that was the last meal that croc ever had.

Want a sense of scale? Here's Brutus getting some kangaroo meat:


So that's basically a dinosaur eating a top predator, and that's just another of the many among many reasons why Australia wants to kill you.

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