So Kotaku let me know this thing was finally done.

"You (the winner) will decide—intrinsically decide—on the rules the game (the upcoming GODUS) is played by. You will share in the success of the product. Every time people spend money on GODUS you will get a small piece of that pie...."

It actually sounds a lot cooler the way he describes it but lets face it, Molyneux has ALWAYS talked the talk like nobody else.

I don't see this winner being able to make rules up out of thin air. He might get a really, really comprehensive list of rules to use and/or combine....


EDIT: Jesus, either he's getting old or I am. I thought he was doing one of his wildly ambitious 'adaptive' type games with this rules thing but its just been pointed out to me that its more along the lines of the winner is just going to be part of the game development process and decide on the game's foudations in a board meeting or something.