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Curious about the Talking Dead, et al

I know very little about this—I see the ads during Walking Dead, and I sometimes stop fast forwarding to watch them, but by that time, I've already not recorded it, and never think to add it to my list of shows. At first it had seemed irritating, and being on the West Coast is frustrating since we don't get any of the real time aspects they trumpet so cheerily.

But I did hear some interesting quotes coming from last week's episode (Steven Yeun being perceptive about his character's behaviour) and I wondered...is it worth adding to an already pretty long viewing list?


Walking Dead also has a Facebook game, right? Anyone played that? THey seem to be going full steam ahead on a number of different fronts, and at least as far as the computer game goes, that was a win, and the preceding comic clearly successful—this looks like a multimedia object lesson in the works.

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