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Curse of the Mekon

The second part of the B7/Big Finish production of Dan Dare dropped on BBC Radio 4 Extra yesterday with Dan, Digby and Peabody in the clutches of the malevolent Mekon. Well, we knew that was coming.

No Hank, No Pierre. Sir Hubert is back on Earth. No flamebelt. No Atlanteans, No Therons. They’ve ditched the black guy too. What will Dan put is his vlog? What have they put in Voyage to Venus Part Two?


Apparently original Peabody, Greta Tomlinson, now 91, has been tuning in as well. She was one of the artists working on the Eagle strip when it was first published.


Dan Dare (Ed Stoppard) and Co have been taken prisoner by The Mekon (Raad Rawl) after attempting to rendezvous with the dissident Treen, Sondar. He runs a flying city with inhabitants that do as they are told. The Mekon does their thinking for them. He doesn’t like aberrants like Sondar but some of his thinking seems similar to that of Peabody (Heida Reed). She’s thinking of the bottom line.

Digby (Geoff McGivern) is keen to reach an accord with the Mekon. He’s not as ready as Dan for a spot of regime change. But then The Mekon starts talking about dissection which puts a bit of a damper on things. The trio escape and this time meet up with Sondar (Bijan Daneshmand) who has been holding back so they would experience The Mekon for themselves.


Clinging to hopes they can leave without interfering in Treen politics fade when they discover The Mekon has infected them with a virus that will activate when they return to Earth. If nothing else they need an antidote.


Upsetting the apple cart is perhaps a little easier than you might expect. A bit of fake news on the ether net and The Mekon has to flee his own people, promising to rebuild his empire on a bigger scale. He’s gone for now, but has taken the antidote with him. The team can’t return to Earth and Dan vows to hunt his nemesis down wherever he is hidden.

Presumably this won’t stop them going to Mars for the start of The Red Moon Mystery next week. Please don’t infect Towser Dan.


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