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Cutepocalypse Is Upon Us

Don't look at the pictures in this post. They will destroy you.

Seriously, look away from these two 3-week-old Clouded Leopard cubs. The cuteness readings I'm getting from these pictures is well above the recommended dose limits, and you may be subject to acute levels of squee.


Symptoms of over-exposure to squee include the following:

  • Rush of endorphins
  • Spontaneous crying
  • Involuntary "Awwwwwwww!"
  • Stupid-ass grinning
  • Ridiculous baby talk
  • Loss of the ability to "even"

These dangerously cute cubs are the second litter to be born to Serai (mum) and Rajasi (dad) at Zoo Miami. These pictures were taken during their first vet check-up, after which they were returned to Serai's loving care.


I've written about Clouded Leopards in my Caturday series.


I did warn you.

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