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Cyberman base will be Apple's core

Remember these guys? They were the extra-dimensional shock troops of Cybus Industries who swarmed across the world in Doctor Who: The Age of Steel.


They were the technological cousins of these chaps from Mondas who first appeared in our skies in The Tenth Planet on October 8th, 1966. Kit Pedlar had a few issues about transplant surgery which was all the rage at the time.

Anyway, the Cybus Industries people had upped their assimilation techniques with some handy ear pod things which would brainwash users if they didn’t drop them in the lavatory. You might recall that Cybus based their operations in this place.


Battersea Power Station was used to slice-and-dice the general population as they were converted into Cybermen. Now, I’m sure it is entirely innocent, but those other EarPod makers, Apple have announced that the refurbished Battersea complex will be home to their European HQ.


Is there something we need to know?

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