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So last night around eleven, I popped Dragon Age: Isolation into the PS4, figuring I'd kill a couple of hours before bed.

By the time my controller died, it was light outside. Consider me sold. (And seeing how quiet it's been on the Odeck this week, I imagine I'm not alone.)


But I have a few questions for more experienced players, just stuff I'm not entirely clear about yet.

  • I decided to play as a warrior, because I just prefer beating up stuff to zapping things. Am I missing out by not playing as a mage? Everyone seems to say I should be a mage. (And I hear things about this "Knight Enchanter" subclass...)
  • How do you craft stuff? In the original game, it was a skill you could access from the character's abilities. I've gotten a couple of recipes but I don't know what to do with them yet.
  • Where's the guy in Haven who sells the upgrades for Bianca?
  • I'm just kind of wandering around the Hinterlands, getting a feel for things. How much time should I put in here?


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