Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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So, yeah, just got back from seeing it. It was AWESOME! Incoming indecipherable random mumbling about the movie.


LOVED Loki just turning into the Captain just out of the freaking blue. It's so out of no where but makes absolute perfect sense. Frank gave me the hint I should have guessed it. I just think he should have turned Thor in to Tony just for a double mind-f***.

I went with my cousin (the only one who isn't a horrible person), and I think I actually heard her swoon when Thor was on screen shirtless.


I am jealous of Thor's beard. Mine doesn't grow in very well.

It needed more Sif and the warriors kicking ass.

I still can't remember the name of Jane's intern or her intern's intern, but I like them.


I overestimated how much of the movie Loki was going to be in.

Loki's "death". How did he fake dying in Thor's arms? If he had been blown up with that grenade it would be easier to explain away with him making a dark elf's corpse look like him or something.


Those grenades are awesome.

When you are so technologically advanced, why bring a sword to a gun fight?

Frigga was badass and awesome. If it wasn't for that Forsaken she would have handed Malekith his ass.


Odin was a bastard.

What happened to Odin? Seriously.

Why did I have to wait through 10 minutes of Credits for a scene that easily fit in to the end of the movie?


The two post-credits scenes should have been switched.

They're going to be able to make a movie out of all the scenes building up over the years to Avengers 3: The Infinity Gauntlet.


A million other things flying through my head (par for the course after any superhero movie) but this is the main stuff.

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