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Damn. That battle lasted so long...

.... you could think there were Five Armies involved in it or something. Spoilers...


It didn't feel that long at all, it was a pretty breathtaking romp, this time, Also, clocking in at a little over two hours, it's practically a short film... ;)

There aren't really many surprises in it, it pretty much ends as you wold expect it too. Bard becomes a badass. Lee Pace stays the most charming asshole ever. Thorin goes full Cumberbatch and back again - I like the idea of overlaying his voice with Smaug's when he goes mental for his treasure. No confrontation between Saruman and Sauron that the trailer hinted a little bit to, but I hadn't expected that, really - instead we get some pretty nice elves vs Ringwraiths action and the ties to LotR... even if they are a little bit shoehorned in at times re of course perfectly made.

Not enough Cumberbatch and Stephen Fry - my favorite parts of the whole trilogy, bun enough awesome characters to make up for it.


It's a perfectly worthy conclusion of the trilogy. If you liked the other two and the concept of the extended Hobbit, you'll love it. Even if you just found the whole thing OK, this one will entertain. Can't say anything about 3d or 48fps an this one . not a fan of either so whenever I get the chance to avoid it in cinemas I do.


OK I give it back... But I I ever want to slay my arch nemesis, I may want to borrow it.....

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