Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Pilot of the Future Dan Dare is flying high with a Gold prize at the New York Festivals Radio Program and Promotions Awards. How’s that for a big finish?


B7 productions (named after Blake’s 7) won Best Digital Drama Program for their revamped version of the Eagle astronaut’s original adventures. It stars Ed Stoppard as Dan, alongside Geoff McGivern, Heida Reed, Michael Cochrane, and Raad Rawi. The CD and download series is released through Doctor Who’s home away from home, Big Finish. They were Gold Radio Winner for the second volume which adapts Reign of the Robots, Operation Saturn and Prisoners of Space in a weird out of continuity sequence.

I have to admit I have been scared to listen in myself. Hearing that Anastasia makes a premature appearance put me off. I mean, how does Sondar build it when he hasn’t met Dan yet? Perhaps I should reconsider though?

Dan (the character, not the comic) celebrated his 50th birthday earlier this year (suspended animation notwithstanding). This award seems like a belated birthday present for the Manchester’s finest spaceman.

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