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Dancing with the Down Under Dead

Trying to keep the spoilers light to non-existent, but be warned.

Netflix have recently added the first season of Glitch, an award-winning paranormal mystery from Australia. Even the dead Down Under are rising again.


The show is set in a backwater town, Yoorana, which one character describes as the “arse of existence”. Episode one, The Risen, jumps straight in with a handful of folk digging themselves out of the local cemetery, witnessed by teenager Beau (Aaron McGrath) who calls the cops but otherwise keeps to the shadows.

Do we have enough towels to go round?

Neighbourhood police sergeant James Hayes (Patrick Brammall) finds six naked and disorientated people lurking round the tombstones at night. With the aid of Dr Elisha McKeller (Genevieve O’Rielly), he gathers them (bar a seventh) at the local health centre thinking he has a bunch of party-goers strung out on drugs. Except he knows one of them, Kate (Emma Booth), who died two years previously. It can’t be her, can it?

The seventh risen Paddy Fitgerald (Ned Dennehy) seems to find his feet fairly quickly and drags Beau on a little crime spree.


Glitch has been compared to Les Revenants apparently, but I’m not sure that is fair. The first episode of Glitch seems to be building a distinctly Australian world. The resurrected people have fuzzy memories, but all have their own back stories which come back in flashes. Watch out for Italian internee Carlos. Also another police officer, Vic (Andrew McFarlane), gets suspicious of Hayes as he tries to keep things off grid.

As the sun rises there’s a final revelation that you know will have consequences soon.


There are six episodes in the first season and Netflix has committed resources to a second batch from ABC TV (not them). Glitch has won AACTA Awards fo Best Television Drama and Best Original Score in TV, a TV Week Logie for Most Outstanding Drama Series, and the Australian Directors’ Guild Awards for Best Direction in a Television Drama Series. Cast member Hannah Monson was nominated for a Best Actress Award and Emily Barclay for Most Outstanding Supporting Actress.

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