Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

He makes some interesting points in here and that got me thinking about a few recent blockbuster genre movies.


Specifically about STID, which tried to be an adult movie and yet appeal to everyone and fails utterly at both. I think contrasting it with Avengers would be better: that is a movie that decided on broad appeal and stuck to it. On the other hand is The Dark Knight - the superhero movie just about everyone's been trying to recreate since 2008, including the most recent ST movie. That is a movie that really went for an adult audience, including the violence (which wasn't gratuitous) and themes of morality in a well-illustrated adaptation of the modern world. It's sequel, The Dark Knight Rises that needed to be "bigger & better" decided that that meant more explosions and visual effects rather than actual character development and a bad guy that makes.

Looking at the IMDB Top 250 - the vast majority of movies in the first 20 or so are again movies that go into the "adult" category. And the most recent movie from that list is TDK. It's an interesting question to pose: "How do we get back to making movies for adults instead of just family movies?"

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