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Daredevil #6 Takes A Darker Turn (Spoilers)

After a considerable run with Chris Samnee (since 2012), Mark Waid's now sharing Daredevil duties with Javier Rodriguez, formerly the team's colorist. Whether this is permanent or a brief changing of the guard is beyond me. Regardless, the narrative shift is a serious one, that at least nods at Frank Miller territory. (Spoilers below.)

After the Orb's revelation-releasing blast from Uatu's eyeball did a number on Matt Murdock. Namely, he saw his father for who he really was, vs. the memory of his dad laminated by twenty years of loss and nostalgia. This inspires him to revisit his mother, Sister Maggie. In prison. (Someone's been watching Orange is the New Black, I take it.)


How a benevolent nun wound up behind bars for some pacifistic graffiti is a riddle, one Murdock wants to crack. For the first time, Murdock's being hit with consequences of confessing to being a vigilante. The police have their hands tied, SHIELD isn't a position to help, Murdock's unclear for half the chapter as to what the charges even are. It's madness.

Daredevil finally does what he does best— listen— and after a tip from Hawkeye, eavesdrops on the Wakandan embassy. The artwork here reinforces some of the comic's best stuff, visually. It's not easy for a comic to illustrate a blind man's perspective, but Daredevil's been exemplary about it. This is no different.

The visit with his mother brings the first reminder of Murdock's faith in a while. It doesn't impact the story, but it's a welcome reminder of Daredevil's roots.


Things get murky when the truth shakes out: Sister Maggie and her fellow nuns were imprisoned without trial to punish them for drawing attention to a building housing shady dealings. The Wakandan delegate thanks a US General for expediting matters with a flash drive full of cutting-edge weapons schematics.


What happens next is most unsavory: Daredevil, getting his ass kicked. His super senses are now a matter of public record. Ergo, so are his weaknesses. Result: One of the deadliest hand-to-hand fighters in the Marvel Universe can't defend himself against two out-of-shape men over fifty.

So, ol' Hornhead has got problems: 1) the graffiti happened on Wakandan soil, thanks to a technicality. Legally, there's nothing Murdock can do. 2) Daredevil's unceremoniously dumped out a window, to land in garbage. 3) Murdock's mother and her sisters of the cloth are already on a flight to Wakanda. Their plane left thirty-five minutes an hour ago.


On the one hand, I miss the artwork of Chris Samnee. On the other, I don't think his style would have been wholly appropriate, here. This is not an upswing chapter for Daredevil. This definitely falls into downer territory. On the other hand, it sounds like Daredevil's gonna hop a plane to Wakanda to get his mom back. So jungle adventures await! (At least, I assume jungles will be involved, as the next chapter's called Law of the Jungle.)

I'm looking forward to it! How about you?

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