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Daredevil Episode 13 & Season 1 Overview Discussion Thread

Spoilers ahead for the Daredevil series.

Previous discussion threads for episode 1 , episode 2 , episode 3 , 4-6 , 7-8 , 9-10 and 11 -12 can be found in the links. Please feel free to discuss episode 13 and the series overall without the worry of spoiling it for anyone.


For me, this discussion thread will be different then the others. the first part will be my initial thoughts of episode 13, as written while watching it. The second part will be my thoughts on the series as a whole. What worked, what didn't and what could be done to improve later seasons and Netflix Marvel series.

Also, I would like your thoughts on how later Observation Deck discussion threads for A.K.A. Jessica Jones and the rest of the Marvel Series should be done. Obviously, there were some growing pains and I would like to know if you think this type of format is okay and if not, how would you like it to change.

Thirdly, does anyone know when season 2 coming out?

Lastly, for those who live in New York or who have been there, what is the actual Hell's Kitchen like?


Episode 13: Daredevil

  • Wouldn't Matt have known that Page is lying in the beginning two scenes?
  • Well that was a dumb thing to do Mr Fisk?
  • Just tell Page that Matt is Daredevil for Christ sake! There is no need to keep her in the dark like this.
  • Is that really standard gear for FBI agents?
  • Wait, why did nobody arrest Vanessa? Why would they keep her alone, when she could doing something like hire a private task force?
  • How did Daredevil get his sticks back? Didn't he losse those in the Nobu fight?
  • Wait Terminator theme what?
  • Just tell her you're Daredevil!
  • This episode felt weaker then the last ones, I don't know why, something just felt off.
  • Given that it is now clear they weren't leading to call him by his alter ego name, I think it is safe to call him as such.

Season 1 Overview

  • I think not having Page discovering or being told about Matt being Daredevil was a mistake. It seemed unnecessary and silly that she wouldn't figure it out. When season 2 comes out, I hope they have Page know early on so we can avoid some Lois Lane schtick.
  • Colour wise, the show is very colourful and is a perfect example of how to colour a grim and gritty work. My only problem is that they went with a bit too much yellow in some night scenes.
  • Talking about grim and gritty. This series is a great example of grim and gritty done well. There seems to have been a recent backlash against grim and gritty as well as people attacking and mocking those who like it. However the problem isn't because the style is bad, but because they were bad films and TV shows. Hopefully people will see that the style has redeeming qualities thanks to Daredevil.
  • One thing that could be a problem in the future is the over amount of deaths. I have a bad feeling that either in a later season or on one of the other shows, they'll kill all the good/likable characters so you get this, "Well there is no one left I care about, why am I still watching this?" and people stop watching the series. Urich death for example was pointless and actually didn't contribute to the story as a whole which is just bad writing and something I feel the writers will regret.
  • Something I noticed about the series is that the cast look like normal people. People you would meet in real-life, something that a lot of US shows seem to struggle with. Lilith, with the colour scheme, this could of easily have been a British drama set on the east-end of Glasgow, just with American accents.
  • As for Daredevil's final costume. Thank god they didn't put him in leather! I don't know why people seem to think realistic superheroes = leather in both TV and in the comics (looking at you Flash). Good job for not falling for that trope (:
  • The music for this series apart from the opening was weak, some of it felt ripped off (look above) or just seemed like it wasn't there. I think the later shows and seasons need to improve in this area.
  • The Kingpin in this series I think was done quite well though I can understand why others wouldn't. However, I do feel like they went over-bored sometimes.
  • Overall, a good series.

Well that's it for Daredevil season 1. See you back with the first discussion thread for A.K.A. Jessica Jones!

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