Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Spoilers ahead for Daredevil.

Previous discussion threads for episode 1 , episode 2 and episode 3 can be found in the links. Please feel free to discuss episodes 4-6 without the worry of spoiling them for anyone.


As for me, here are my initial thoughts, as written while watching the Episodes:

Episode 4: In The Blood

  • First mention to the Avengers with the magic hammer and the metal suit.
  • Hands up, who kept thinking Batman ans Superman were having coffee just out of sight in the diner scene.
  • This show really hates unions doesn't it.
  • Seeing Fisk (I'll not call him by his comic alter ego as it seems the series is waiting to reveal it) awkwardly asking someone on a date, that's something I never thought I'd see.
  • Just as an aside, what are TV/Film rights of his character? He seems to be owned jointly by Sony and Marvel. Are they allowed to call him by his alter ego?
  • Well that seemed like a massive over-reaction there Fisk.

Episode 5 World On Fire

  • Clever way of hiding the fact Fisk killed his brother while getting them up there game on finding Daredevil.
  • I was wondering when they were going to get another case.
  • The Folly and Page subplot was very good and I'm glad they didn't go for the obvious Page being jealous of the Ex.
  • Given the constant showing of rings and the hint of someone bigger, I get the feeling that the real Mandarin is the true main player in all this.
  • A slight stab at DC:
    Daredevil, "I need to be the man this city needs me to be."
    Claire, "That not a reason, that's an excuse."
  • That's one way to renovate, I'll give you that Fisk
  • Given how realistic the series has been, I'm calling bull-crap on Daredevil being able to walk and fight so well after being so close to a large explosion. He would have at least internal bleeding, 1st degree burns and loud ringing in his ears.
  • Uh oh, he's been caught by the police! Will he get out of this?

Episode 6: Condemned

  • Did the cop at the beginning really say frigging? I think after all the graphic violence, it's safe to say the F word.
  • Also, add acrobats to the list of thing Daredevil shouldn't be able to do after an explosion.
  • Question mark on a King card. FORESHADOWING!
  • Okay so now there being realistic about stabilizing someone and healing bullet wounds?
  • This version of Urich is by far better then the Joe Pantoliano version.
  • Out of curiosity, does Daredevil have a no kill policy in the comics?
  • So things went to hell very quickly in this episode, with a lot of deaths.

Tomorrow will be episodes 7-8 and possibly 9.


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