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Spoilers ahead for the new Daredevil series.

Previous discussion threads for episode 1 , episode 2 , episode 3 and 4-6 can be found in the links. Please feel free to discuss episodes 7-8 without the worry of spoiling them for anyone.


Like always, here are my initial thoughts of the episodes, as written while watching the Episodes:

Episode 7: Stick

  • Well that was an interesting intro and a very good introduction to the character of stick.
  • So was Stick a part of the church or was he just someone the nun knew? Did I miss the part they explained that?
  • Southern mentor with similar powers... Dear god! Ghost Rider flashbacks. Make it stop, make it stop!
  • It's odd that Stick wouldn't have realized that Matt would have seem him as a surrogate father but I can put that to him being very focused on the training.
  • So what exactly was the kid in the end? I guessing we're going to find out later but if I have to jokingly guess. The kid is an evil air bender (hence the term black sky) and he is going to be used to quite literally sweep away crime from the city.
  • The fight scene with Stick and Daredevil and the end was very cool. A good end to what I feel was the best episode so far.
  • My theory about the Mandarin being the main bad guy as it seems Stick and the mysterious figure are fighting an truly evil power.

Episode 8: Shadow in a Glass

  • Interesting we see an episode heavily focused on Fisk's origins.
  • The first time I saw Fisk waking up, I thought the episode was doing something incredibly filthy.
  • When are the flash back suppose to be taking place, I can't place the time period which could be deliberate.
  • Given the deal between Marvel and Sony now that allow Spider-Man to be in that Universe. I'm surprised they still aren't allowed to call it the Daily Bugle.
  • I love the bit about languages with Fisk and Gao. It was very clever and I love the expression of Fisk's second in that scene.
  • Well, did not expect the mother to go to that extreme though I approve fully.
  • Like how he begins to wear a grey coloured suit at the end of this episode, I think Alliterator was correct in the comments of the previous discussion thread that they are slowly turning him into the character he is into the comics. I'm willing to bet by the end of the season 1 or season 2, he'll be wearing white suits.
  • Great twist at the end of the episode and I did not expect it.

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