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Daredevil S1E2 "Cut Man": Discussion Thread

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Again, spoilers ahead.

This is the discussion thread for the second episode of the Daredevil series, "Cut Man".


First Thoughts:

  • Guess we know what happened to Alexa Woods after that failed Antarctica mission now.
  • Spider-Man's doing a crap job if Daredevil is the only one dealing with the human trafficking.
  • The flashbacks seem oddly placed and though the show does try to connect them to what is happening in the present, the don't exactly work.
  • First superhero adaptation since Spider-Man 2 to use heavy use of a payphone.
  • Not one for Justice are you Daredevil?
  • This episode makes the confession scene from the first more pointless and overly long as nearly all the plot points mentioned are shown here.
  • Just realized, why is this episode called Cut Man?

This is the last episode for me today as I can't binge on a series.

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