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Welcome back to the final discussion thread for Daredevil Season 2 where we will be discussing episode 13 and the season overall. To see previous discussion threads, click here.

(Spoiler Warning)

Well it’s time for this to end, here are my own personal thoughts of the season overall:

  • Karen was the best character of the season and I loved nearly all of her scenes. The one thing that really bothered me though is that she really should have been told or figured out Matt was Daredevil, that felt weak.
  • In contrast, I didn’t like Foggy.
  • Punisher was well done this is best version of the character we’ve seen out of the comics so far. I do wish his plot-line didn’t resolve so anti-climatically.
  • I didn’t like Elektra at first, but she grew on me as time went on.
  • The plot didn’t feel jumbled and it felt like everything was given its fair amount of screen time.
  • It didn’t go as kill crazy with main characters which is a plus.
  • Overall good season.

Well, have Fun (:


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