Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Hi. If you have watched the 13 episodes of Daredevil Season 2, or if you don’t care what happens in those 13 episodes, then this post is for you. If you have any concerns about spoilers stop looking at this post.

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So some things happened. Some stuff occurred. And Daredevil Season 2 helped to build connections with the already-aired and to-be-aired sections of the Netflix Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU.


Quick listing of the connections

District Attorney Samantha Reyes appeared in one episode of Jessica Jones (S01E13, “AKA Smile”) and she appeared in several episodes of Daredevil before being gunned down by The Blacksmith (or by agents working for the Blacksmith).

Jeri Hogarth appeared in most episodes of Season 1 of Jessica Jones and has a cameo in Daredevil (S02E13 “A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen) wherein she is offering a new career to Foggy.

Claire Temple appears in both shows and so far is the ... only? person in the Netflix MCU who has met Matt, Jessica, and Luke, and she refers to Luke (not name-checking him though).


Jessica Jones gets name-checked by Marci Stahl in a bar conversation with Foggy (S02E05, “Kinbaku”) (thanks commenter ShadowofTime01 for mentioning which episode this happened in)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. established the Dogs of Hell as a motorcycle gang (not to be confused with the film) in S01E15 “Yes Men”


Roxxon had been previously mentioned on Daredevil Season 1, and has been name-checked in all three of the Iron Man films, a Marvel One-Shot, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Agent Carter.

What has been scheduled

So far Luke Cage Season 1 is the only part of the Netflix MCU to be scheduled. It started filming in September of 2015 and finished filming within ... the past week? It drops September 30th of this year.


What is in development for later release

Iron Fist Season 1: Danny Rand was just cast within the past month; other than that no real information exists as to when this will start filming. Because this is the last property holding back the filming of the team-up series, this is probably going to be the next series that drops after Luke Cage Season 1; March-April 2017.


Jessica Jones Season 2: a second season was ordered in January of 2016 so it’s in an early form of pre-production. Maybe this will be what the Neflix MCU releases in September-November 2017.

The Defenders Season 1: The main thing known about this property is that it wasn’t going to be filmed until after the series for the four main characters had been filmed. So. Expected release of early 2018?


Daredevil Season 3?: No official word yet but Daredevil Season 2 definitely leaves things open for a continuation of several plots that might be better handled by Daredevil’s cast rather than the larger cast of The Defenders. Expected release of late 2018?

Luke Cage Season 2?: Based on MCU Netflix’s trend of having a second season for heroes this will probably occur. The main question is of course when. So far the MCU Netflix shows have only produced two series at most at once; Daredevil Season 2 and Luke Cage Season 1 were both under production for a few months of 2015. Now that they’ve made two shows at once they might finally be able to make three shows at once, in which case maybe starting in 2019 (or 2018?) they will release 3 seasons of shows a year instead of just 2.


The Punisher Season 1?: In case anyone wants to see Frank Castle continue to shoot a lot of people. There’s been claims that it might happen but that’s as far as anyone’s claimed.

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