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DAREDEVIL: that intro! (Episode 2 spoilers)


Anyone else as in love with the show's intro credit as much as I am? Video of it after the jump for those who haven't seen it yet.

The hype train is real and people will be talking about the show nonstop for the next week or so I just really wanted to talk about how wonderful the intro credits are. I'm pretty sure it took a lot of inspiration from Hannibal's opening credits (which isn't a bad thing). The music also has a Fringe-y vibe at the beginning. I can replay the intro over and over and not get tired of it.


Thoughts so far (I'm watched up until episode 2, so no spoilers after that please):

  • Wonderful fight scenes. You really get a sense of how Matt's abilities work during them and how they help him in ways seeing possibly couldn't. Also, Matt's abilities seem superhuman and not exactly superpowered (even though they slightly are). I'm also loving how the fights feel real and you can see Matt gets tired and beat up after a while.
  • That fight sequence at the end of ep 2! Love the flying microwave that knocked out one of the Russians. But Matt also does a lot of flips. As much as Arsenal in Arrow. They're fun but a bit too showy?
  • Deborah Ann Woll and Rosario Dawson are magnificent in this. Beautiful women, wonderful work they've done so far with what they've been given. Ann Woll, in particular, is wonderful to see on a show again.
  • The criminals are competent! Ending the first episode with the "suicides" of the unwanted criminals was frightening. You get the sense Matt is going to have a really hard time fighting them. This seems like way too big of a task for one man only.
  • I'm actually a bit more impressed with Matt than I am with the larger MCU heroes? Here's this one blind man actually fighting crime, not just evil spies or superpowered beings, and personally saving people. Saving that girl from being raped, beating up the sex slave traffickers, risking his life for one child... Matt's a bonafide hero. He doesn't care what happens to him so long as he's giving asshole criminals the beating they deserve.
  • The black ninja suit works very well for the fight scenes. I'm going to be sad when it's gone and Matt gets the Daredevil costume.
  • This show is everything Arrow wanted to be and more.

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