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Dark Matter "I Wish I Could Believe You" Reaction Thread

Welp, the whiny guy and his more interesting bodyguard are gone and it looks like Six is done filming whatever he was off filming (It’s not Continuum anymore so I have no idea it could have been) So we’re back to our usual status quo. Welcome to the Dark Matter season 3 episode 7 “I Wish I Could Believe You” It doesn’t have to be like this” spoilerific reaction thread where you can share your thoughts on the show as it plays out or after it’s over.

If you have a review of the show you want to share, post it down in the comments and I’ll throw it up here.


Title Drops of the Night:

Kind of spoilerish if you didn’t see the previews but it’s probably going to be Six saying this to someone in the crew.

Engage the drive and ready the guns, because we’re heading into spoiler territory!!!

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