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In my continuing efforts to steal Rob Bricken's job keep you all up to date on the latest news in comics, here's a brief roundup of the latest big news in comics.

New Iron Man 3 Trailer!


The latest Iron Man 3 trailer is out, and it's the most insanely awesome trailer yet. If this doesn't get you excited for May 3, nothing will. You might also want to pick up Warren Ellis's Iron Man: Extremis to see how much the film borrows from the book.

Chris Sprouse Quits Orson Scott Card's Adventures of Superman

Artist Chris Sprouse has left DC's Adventures of Superman due to media uproar over noted homophobe, hate group leader, and all around despicable person Orson Scott Card. What I find interesting about his statement is that he doesn't blame Card's personal views and actions, but rather the public outcry about Card's work. It's not exactly a firm stance.

Wood & Coipel's X-Men Delayed


The most exciting X-book in quite a while has been delayed. Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel's all-women X-Men has been pushed back from April 17 to May 29.

Wednesday's Top Picks

  • Age of Ultron #1: The beginning of Bendis and Hitch's dystopian crossover event. ComicsAlliance has an advance review.
  • Avengers #7: What is the White Event? Looks like Hickman is going multiversal with Marvel's flagship.
  • Muse: Terry Dodson's Songes finally gets translated to English in a deluxe hardcover edition. $34.95 for 104 pages of Terry Dodson art. I would pay twice that.

That's it for this week. Consider the comments a comic open thread!

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