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Daryl Dixon lives forever!

Dish Network has come a long with since their feud with AMC back 2012 as I’ve noticed Daryl is now doing ads specifically for Daryl. Noticing this commercial made me think of io9 friend Ravenous Sophovore’s comment on the pre-recap for the midseason Walking Dead episode.


Raveneous points out Daryl has become such a marketing fixture for AMC he’s basically safe. This seems re-enforced with a recent Dish commercial I paid attention to that (paraphrased) “You don’t want to get stuck in a corner - but you knew that as you have Dish.” This makes me both interested whether this does appear to make Daryl safe for the time being as well as the gears of TV as we know it.

Will cable channels such as AMC and FX push for even more fees from cable and dish companies? Do they think they could get away with an HBO/Skinimax (sorry)/Starz deal of pay channels deal? Do they even want that or is there more money to be made via adds considering the comparison to the battle between paid and ad-supported mobile apps?

No matter what we certainly live in an interesting time for video distribution, marketing, pay, and creativity.

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