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Dashed Off While Drunk, Penned By a Ten Year Old, or Purposefully Poorly Written: You Be the Judge

I can't tell if Suvudu's post on the new Storm of Swords cover was written while inebriated, by a kid, or by someone with an odd sense of humor. It begins with...

I am a fan of the book.

The book has many different parts to it. There is the content, those words that have been painstakingly put down onto paper by a writer who wishes his work to be read. Then there is the quality of the book itself—the quality of its pages, the design of its interior, the strength of its binding, the beauty of its stamped boards. And last but not least, the cover that artfully draws a reader to even pick up the book.


I love a well-made book. It’s something I notice the moment I pick one up. When I come across a great book series like A Song of Ice & Fire by George R. R. Martin, I hope that several different editions will be released. It’s great to have choice. New cover art is a part of that choice.

... and it continues on like that for a few more paragraphs. What do you think?

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