Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Because I'm really sick and tired of replying to and debunking random Gawkers on this year old thread.


All these points have been covered over and over again:

  • No, the Casimir Effect can't be used on Alcubierre's metric
  • No, dark energy isn't the same thing as negative mass
  • No, Guth's inflation can't be used on Alcubierre's metric
  • No, antimatter almost certainly doesn't have negative mass
  • No, dark matter has positive mass just like ordinary mass
  • No, tachyons are just as hypothetical as magnetic monopoles or negative mass.
  • No, imaginary mass is not the same thing as negative mass

I need an article from Dave or some other eminently qualified physicist—I'm not a physicist, I blew that chance decades ago in 1985—that I can cite to shut these random people up. It's the necrothread that just won't die and I'm tired of repeating myself.


I'd just love a link where I can say, "Read this, all your points have already been well covered," and be done with it.

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