With the third season of Arrow finished, fans are looking forward to what is next for our band of vigilantes, some looking closer at one man in particular, especially given Ollie’s last line to Diggle about needing concealment of some sort. Plus with all those Green Lantern hints that have been dropped in both Arrow and Flash, could it be that John Diggle’s name is John Stewart Diggle? Let’s talk.

Here’s what Ramsey has to say about his character moving forward:

Everyone wants to talk about John Stewart. Is it “John Stewart Diggle” or “John Diggle Stewart” or whatever, and will he be Green Lantern? There’s gonna be – obviously, [EP] Marc Guggenheim has said publicly that it’s not the way to go right now. But people are still talking about it.

You know, I think – and Greg Berlanti has said this publicly too, I think that they’ve gone to great lengths to build up the mythos and persona of John Diggle. He’s become a character in the comic books! Hopefully, he stays alive in the comic books and he’s around for 20 years, and someone else will play him on TV or in a movie! That’s a great honor. I think they’ve taken great strides to making John Diggle part of the lexicon, and that’s an important thing. I don’t think you want to abandon that.

I think that’s part of the appeal. He’s just a regular guy from the Glades, from the hood, who joined the military, became special forces, and now he’s a super hero! I think there’s something very normal about him that’s part of the appeal.

I think if you put a mask on him as part of the Green Lantern Corps, and that’s wonderful by the way – John Stewart is a wonderful character – but you lose some of that. You lose part of the “everyguy” character.

He does say that Diggle will get some sort of concealment devise (he’s very vague on what type, however) in Season Four.

Personally, even though I liked the John Stewart Diggle theory when it first became a thing, now I just like Diggle as he is. I hope he either doesn’t pick up a hero name, or is one completely unique to the show. Guardian, Manhunter, Mr Terriffic, and Green Lantern are great characters, and they don’t need to develop form Diggle to make them work. Plus who knows, maybe if he becomes his own hero he’ll pull a Harley Quinn on us all. I can dig it.

I do, however, hope all those Green Lantern hints aren’t in vain, especially the missing pilot from Ferris Air.