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Day 3 of Wizard World - Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Supergirl, and Hail to the King Baby!

This was a very VERY long day. But, funny enough, I didn’t do as much walking as the previous days.

First thing I did when I got in was go straight to room #24 so that I could see Supergirl in three hours. Okay, that makes it sound much worse than it actually was... At 11am there was a Q&A session with Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder. Then at 12pm there was a Q&A session with Arrow’s Stephen Amell. Both of these I had no problem sitting through because I do enjoy both Vampire Diaries and Arrow. Then at 1pm was the screening of Supergirl’s pilot episode.

Ian seems like a really awesome guy. That could have had something to do with his lack of sleep in two days, because his ramblings were awesome! Especially the one about bourbon. I honestly wouldn’t have sat through his panel were it not for Supergirl. But now that I did I would most definitely make time for it next time.


Stephen was also pretty awesome, but I already knew that. I like Arrow a whole lot and would have definitely sat through his panel with or without Supergirl. I was honestly more annoyed at some of the questions of “Is Emily Bett Rickards single” or “Do you think I have a chance with Emily Bett Rickards” I think there were like three of them. Just, seriously? And the ones that asked were like 13 and 14 years old. If you can’t think of actual fucking questions to ask that don’t involve the love live of a female, whom wasn’t even fucking present, the sit your ass down. ...I could ramble more, but I’ll stop there.

As for the Supergirl pilot. I highly enjoyed it. It was fun and sassy and pretty much what DC does on TELEVISION. What the HELL they don’t want to do this on movies is fucking beyond me. I’ll warn you, most of the pilot is back story, but that is to be expected because not a lot of people know Kara’s background like the one shoveled down our throats every time there is a new Superman movie. I must say, though, for a pilot there are a whole lot of great little surprises. I think this is going to be a kick ass show!

After finally getting out of there I got a text from an artist I got to do a commission. So I wandered down there. I seriously could have hugged her for the amazing job she did! I mean, I knew it would be awesome because we had talked about the characters and I knew how much she liked them as well. I just gave her the characters to draw and said surprise me, and oh boy did she!

After that I wandered around a bit getting some photos of cosplayers and then headed for lunch. While in line I saw a cosplay that would run the rest of the day for me. This girl dressed as Terra from the Teen Titans show. Seriously so fucking spot on. I could have went and asked while she was in line, but I don’t like interrupting people when they are in the “rest” areas. So I figured I’d find her after I finished. I searched for hours, photographing cosplayers while searching. I never found her.The cosplayer that got away...


During this time I stopped by a little booth and said hello to the first io9er I’ve met in real life. Quite a friendly chap too. I would have stayed a bit longer, but he was working and had customers and...well, someone dressed as Harley Fett caught my eye. I got caught in the sea of cosplayers once again.

The end of the show was spent waiting in line to get Bruce Campbell to autograph the Bubba Ho-Tep poster I picked up earlier, because I left my DVD of the same movie at home. The guy was awesome and even stayed at least 25 minutes over to finish signing autographs.


That was a long ass day, but I still have one more to go. And now I need to decide if I want to buy a lightsaber. And if so, which one...

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