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DC Extended Universe Movies I Would Love to See

So Justice League has finally arrived and it’s sure to make money — yes, domestically it’s a disappointment, but it still made over $281 million if you count international sales — and so the time has come to look to the future of this cinematic universe.

There is one movie that for sure will come out and is currently in post-production: Aquaman, directed by James Wan, but we do know that more are coming. Shazam! is in pre-production, having already cast the main actors; Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot have already signed on for Wonder Woman 2; and a variety of movies have directors/writers attached, with TBA dates for production. Still, there are movies that I would love to see that aren’t there.


Superman for All Seasons

Superman’s appearance in Justice League really made another Superman movie a necessity, if only so we could get an entire film of the nice, jokey, fun Superman we got to see at the end of of Justice League.

Jeph Loeb and Tim Sales’ Superman for All Seasons is an excellent example of a story that shows Superman/Clark Kent as he should be from a variety of different perspectives. And I think a movie that doesn’t fit in the normal mold, but instead takes place over an entire year would be something new and interesting.


Also, I hope Matthew Vaughn directs it. Even though the second Kingsman was a disappointment, Vaughn has still directed one of the most joyful fantasy films of all time, Stardust.

The New Gods


One of the big things that suffered in the film was the villain, Steppenwolf. From bad CGI to a super generic characterization, Steppenwolf was a poor representation of the insanity that is Jack Kirby’s Fourth World.

So why not instead make an entire film dedicated to the Fourth World? And make the main character Scott Free, the erstwhile Mister Miracle, married to former Female Fury Big Barda? Recruited again to fight in the war against Darkseid by Orion, the God of War, through Highfather and so on and so on, because, hey, as soon as you dip your toes into the wild insanity that is the Fourth World, you can’t stop. This movie would be like a cross between Guardians of the Galaxy and Masters of the Universe.




I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Batwoman needs her own movie, especially since it appears Ben Affleck may or may not want to continue on with being Batman. Instead of rebooting Batman into a younger actor via Flashpoint (which you know they are thinking of doing), why not let Kate Kane have a try at the cowl? Heck, let’s even give her a Terry McGinnis-type role as the appointed successor to Batman (since Chris McKay is going to do his own Nightwing movie).

Doing a Batwoman movie would also allow filmmakers to make a Bat-film without retreading what all the previous Bat-films have done. No more flashbacks to Bruce Wayne’s parents dying in an alleyway, please — if DC learns one thing from Marvel, let it be the fact that Marvel refused to show Spider-Man’s origin and the death of Uncle Ben in Spider-Man: Homecoming.


Justice League vs. the Legion of Doom


So the biggest problem with Justice League was the incredibly lame villain. One way to solve this problem, as Legends of Tomorrow illustrated so well in their second season, is to replace a singular boring villain with a team of charismatic and funny villains.

Which is essentially what happened in the second post-credits sequence in Justice League: a newly escaped Lex Luthor calls Deathstroke to his yacht and announces that they need to make a “league of their own.”


Seriously, though, having the Justice League fight against an entire team of supervillains would be incredibly interesting and potentially solve a lot of problems with the first film. Lex would obviously recruit certain villains in order to take down members of the League — Deathstroke to take down Batman, Bizarro (and/or Brainiac if you want to add another alien) to take down Superman, Cheetah to take down Wonder Woman, Gorilla Grodd to take down the Flash, and so on. It would allow for great actions scenes while also letting the audience see more second-string characters, ones that have never been seen on the silver screen.

What films do you want the DCEU to tackle next?

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