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DC Gives Us Super Hero Girls TV Show

Does DC have robot spies in my brain? The answer is yes because they are giving us a cartoon about super hero girls. In a Bizarro universe where apparently every hero is in high school (look don’t think too hard about it), we follow some of our favorite heroes (and anti-Hero and villain who sometimes heroes) as they train to be heroes of the future.

DC Super Hero Girls looks aimed at a younger audience and reminds me a bit of some of the other girl ensemble shows out there, the art is cutesy (I don’t hate it though) and the music sounds like songs I have heard for other series. But I am not going to write it off yet, I love the huge ensemble of DC characters we see and the fact Waller is the principal. If they don’t try to dumb it down too much because “its for the kids” it could be fun.


Now if they actually had Harley and Ivy in a relationship that would be the most amazing thing ever.

Unfortunately I can’t get the video to embed on kinja so you can watch the teaser at the link below. You can also see the Meet the Heroes at the website here.

Via Mary Sue

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