With all the Halloween festivities going on we haven't talked about this on the ODeck. But, as you know, DC is undergoing a major corporate restructuring and consolidating everything in sunny Burbank, California. I haven't yet found an entirely satisfactory explanation as to their game plan here, but reading a few articles has helped narrow it down to two potential reasons:

  • DC is focusing its resources more on film and television production and less on print, or they just want better integration between the two and think this can be managed under one centralized roof.
  • DC's finances are not in the best shape and this is a money saving strategy.

I am sure someone here has something more nuanced or can provide additional illumination as to why they are doing this. DC's major competitor, Marvel, is thriving spectacularly with their New York/California print and film divisions. A bright commenter said something to the effect of Marvel's comic division as being kind of an R&D operation for Marvel Studios. In a big way, this is exactly what comic books are now. They are all potentially lucrative movie ideas: glorified storyboards.

So why do you think DC is doing this? Do you think it is a good move?