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DC makes about face on Jeffrey Baldwin Memorial Statue

DC has reversed an earlier decision which saw them denying the right to use Superman's icon "S" logo on a memorial statue for Jeffrey Baldwin.

Jeffrey Baldwin was a five-year old boy who died due starvation and neglect while in the care of his maternal grandparents. After his parents were accused of child abuse, Jeffrey and his three siblings had been placed in their grandparents home by the Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto which failed to run a proper background check on the grandparents. Both of the grandparents had prior convictions for child abuse.

The Ontario government conducted a coroner's inquest into Jeffrey's death this past winter, after Jeffrey's grandmother had exhausted all her appeals against her second degree murder conviction. During the course of the inquest, an Ottawa man, Todd Bryce was so struck by Jeffrey's story that he set up a Kickstarter to create a memorial statue in a Toronto Park.

During the course of the inquest a picture of Jeffrey dressed in his Superman Halloween costume from when he had been living with his parents was circulated to the media. The Jeffrey Baldwin memorial was to be modelled on that picture, but earlier this week, Bryce received word from DC's legal department that the company would not allow the use of Superman's "S" on the memorial.

Today, Bryce was again contacted by DC's VP the legal department, Amy Genkins, who informed him that they had reversed their decision. Genkins specifically referenced negative feedback from fans as the reason that DC was changing their minds.


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