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Effective immediately, comic book juggernauts Marvel and DC are joining forces. A permanent fusion, the giants of the graphic novel industry have announced that the canon and characters of both franchises have become one.

"It's like pie," said Paul Levitz, President and Publisher at DC. "All these great flavors thrown into a bowl, mixed up with a bit of sugar and nutmeg, and now they all taste great together."


Isaac Perlmutter, CEO of Marvel, nodded in agreement from the back of Levitz' head. "I think it's the best for all parties concerned," he said in a half-rasp, now utilizing the same vocal cords as Levitz. "This merger is something we've been looking forward to, for ages. And now it's here."

While the literal fusion of flesh and bone (through an abominable mixing of cutting edge science and darkest magic) has only applied to the heads of the two companies, the rosters of their individual comics' greatest titles can look forward similar overlap.

"There's no rules!" cried Levitz. "Iron Man, snarking with Batman! Green Lantern, trying to lift Mjolnir with his power ring! Wonder Woman and Black Widow, getting into a cat fight with sexy results! The possibilities are limitless."

"Yes... limitless," agreed Perlmutter, as he rested a hand on a globe. Outside, the skies turned black, while crimson rain drops pelted the window.


Deadpool's upcoming film has been upgraded to a trilogy, in which he will be partnered with DC's Robin. The Juggernaut will soon appear in an ABC sitcom alongside Lobo, entitled Bringing Down the House. No stand-alone film for the Black Widow has yet been planned.


Cats and dogs have been reported, now, to be living together. Expect more details to follow shortly.

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