I am a Batwoman fan, as you might have guessed from my icon. Well, let me rephrase, I was a Batwoman fan. I was excited for a lesbian Batwoman who looked like she kicked ass and Batwoman: Elegy was one of the first comics I bought. I have a a Batwoman mask and red wig set aside in my closet for a cosplay I really should get to work on.

But I lost interest in her comic because DC seemed set on screwing it up. The creative team J.H. Williams III and W. Haden left the series back in 2013 after DC told them to change their story direction despite it having previously been planned out a year in advance. Most contentiously, DC wasn't allowing Kate and Maggie Sawyer to get married because "heroes shouldn't have happy personal lives" according to Dan Dido. It could be worse, she could have sold the relationship to the Devil, but still it was a slap in the face for people who don't want their heroes to be 24/7 doom and gloom.


But while Kate Kane can't get married, she can be hypnotized into a relationship with a vampire with lots of rape implications!

Enter Nocturna, a vampire with obligatory vampirey name, who sneaks into Kate's apartment and hypnotizes her into not resisting as she bites Kate. Flashforward to issue #36 and we have Kate in a relationship with Nocturna though clearly uncomfortable with it, having repeated blackouts, and having a vision of her having sex with Nocturna covered in blood.


So instead of having Kate in a happy if sometimes rocky relationship, they gave her the tired old trope of rape plot line. I imagine the only reason the character controlling her is female is because DC feared people would fear backlash about having a lesbian character "in a relationship" with a guy. I am not even sure whether or not they see it as a rape plotline, depending on how much credit I want to give them for awareness. A lot of people have the screwed up idea women cannot rape other women and some don't even seem to realize mind control does not equal consent. At worse they see all this as a way to draw sexy sexy lesbian sex. Cause two women, AmIRightDudes?

But even giving them the benefit of the doubt that they realize this is rape and creepy, it is still feels like a kick in the teeth from DC to fans. Yes vampires are often rape allegories in fiction. Yes sexual assault and abusive relationships are things that exist. But that doesn't mean we necessarily want out our super heroines subjected to it. And if we are going to get that for a "compelling storyarc" then handled with care and not for titillation as this feels like.


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