DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is about a group of superheroes and supervillains traveling through time to stop a mad, immortal dictator from destroying the world. How could it get more awesome? Perhaps by introducing some characters from the Golden Age of Comics.

Over the past few days, DC Comics’ Instagram page has been doling out image hints of Golden Age characters. It started with this:

The words embedded in the image are “MA HUNKEL POT HELMET.” Ma Hunkel was the Golden Age hero known as Red Tornado (not to be confused by the Silver Age Red Tornado, who was an android and previously appeared on Supergirl) and yes, she did wear a pot over her head.

Next was this image:


The words read “HOURMAN’S HOURGLASS.” The Golden Age Hourman was Rex Tyler, who took the drug “Miraclo” and got super strength and speed for one hour (called the “Hour of Power”). His son, Rick, was the second Hourman and actually had an hourglass full of tachyons, which gave him visions of one hour into the future.

And then, today, my favorite:


The words read “SANDMAN’S GAS MASK.” The Golden Age Sandman was Wesley Dodds, who ran around putting criminals to sleep with his gas gun and leading poems behind. (He also had prophetic dreams due to a connection to Dream of the Endless, but that came later.)

What do all these characters have in common? Well, they were all original members of the Justice Society of America from All Star Comics #3 in 1940, along with the Flash (Jay Garrick, who is showing up over on The Flash), Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Doctor Fate, the Spectre, the Atom (Al Pratt), and Hawkman (who just recently died on the show).


Are these just Easter eggs? Or will these characters actually appear? After all, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the team will go to the 1940s — they are going to the old west where they will meet Jonah Hex — and perhaps they might run into a secret Society of Justice there.

Here’s hoping.