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Long before DC actually announced their plans for Doomsday Clock —in fact, long before Doctor Manhattan was revealed at the end of DC Rebirth, back in the wild days of 2012, the prophet known only as “Chip Zdarsky” made a bold proclamation about Watchmen 2.

Chip, who has now sold his soul to the corporate devils and writes Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man and Marvel Two-In-One for Marvel, once wrote a guest blog post for Warren Ellis’s blog, where he shared a chapter from his autobiography, Are You There, God? It’s Me, Supergod.


The title of that chapter? Who Writes the Watchmen. And it was all about him being asked by DC to write a sequel to Watchmen that would have been so great it would have blown our very minds from our skulls. Behold, an excerpt!

“OK, now the original Watchmen was groundbreaking and shocking by showing Dr. Manhattan’s blue dong. I propose that we outdo that in this fight scene by showing his anus as often as possible. Every time he gets knocked down, or has to bend over to pick something up, full-on asshole. People will talk about THAT for years, trust me!”

What a visionary!

Sadly, this sequel did not come to pass, but now that enough time as passed (five years or 1,825 days), DC has decided that now is the time for a Watchmen sequel. Now is the time for Watchmen 2. Will it be as great as Chip’s proposal? Will they flat out copy it? Will we finally see Doctor Manhattan’s anus? I don’t know. I do not have the answers.


I am only the Question.

This post brought to you by: the fact that I found a five year old blog post that made me laugh.


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