As everyone is well aware, Marvel is absolutely killing it in the movies with its whole Cinematic Universe. Freaking Ant-Man is a hit. Come on now, that isn’t even fair. Although DC is playing catch up with Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad in 2016, it has the television side of the shared universe enterprise locked down. Don’t get me wrong: Agents of SHIELD is my favorite comic-based show on the air right now, Agent Carter was magnificent, and Daredevil absolutely nailed it on Netflix. However, since the later seasons of Smallville, DC has cleaned up on the small screen.

One of the most fun shows on television right now, comic-based or not, is Flash. It gets it right. From the dynamics between the characters, to the use of CGI, to the story, it all works. One of the biggest reason it works is because of the cast, and they’ve been adding to it for Season 2.

According to HeroicHollywood, Keiynan Lonsdale has been cast as Wally West:

Lets not forget: at ComicCon CW announced that Teddy Sears was cast as Jay Garrick:


I love that DC’s TV division isn’t afraid to get weird. Even though the DC movies are very gritty and “grounded” (whatever that means, we’re talking an Alien and a billionaire who thinks he is the night), the TV side of things likes to push the envelope. Gorilla Grodd? CHECK. Gideon from the future? CHECK. JAY FREAKING GARRICK??? DOUBLE CHECK! WALLY WEST? AHHHHHH!

Not only did they hint at parallel universes, but they’ve doubled down: We will most likely get an episode with Barry Allen, Wally West, and Jay Garrick all working together. To what end? Well, the teaser released at ComicCon heavily suggested Professor Zoom, and the fact that Dan Dorian isn’t confirmed to be completely gone (Dude, comics), all leads me to believe that we might see a Zoom / Reverse team up.

Can you imagine? A mid- or end-season episode with Allen, West, and Garrick squaring off against Zoom and Reverse Flash?