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Deadpool Blu-ray & DVD Now Available! (US & Canada) (Unboxing)

Tired of hearing about Deadpool, after the Honest Trailer and the new Blu-ray/DVD commercial, and all the people who liked the movie and wouldn’t stop talking about it? Well, then you should probably stop reading this because here’s the “unboxing” (quotes because it’s not much of a box) of the Blu-ray/DVD, now on sale in the US & Canada. I got my copy today, so if you’d like to see the package, and disc/coaster designs, there’s pictures below.

If you don’t care about the pictures, but are interested in a digital copy (US only), skip down to the comments. Update: Digital copy has been claimed.

First up, the case cover, it’s textured, maybe like the actual costume. And look, he’s talking to you!


And on the back you can see the movie’s received the best review possible: 4 Golden Girls from Betty White.

The discs have some nice art on them too.


And not only do you get an insert with a code to redeem a digital copy...


You also get instructions on how to self check for testicular cancer (testicles not provided).


Available on Blu-ray/DVD, DVD, or even 4k Ultra-HD Blu-ray if you want to see every little texture on that costume, and every lump on Deadpool’s face (maybe stick with regular Blu-ray). The links above are from Amazon, but there’s also a couple exclusives.

Best Buy has a steelcase:


And Target has an exclusive copy that includes some fun postcards:


So go out there and buy (if you want) and enjoy (if you bought it)!

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