Can’t wait for the Deadpool Blu-ray/DVD, out on May 10th? Well, if you have a way to stream it, and don’t mind not having a physical copy, the digital version went on sale today (in the US and Canada).

Of course, if you wait for the Blu-ray/DVD set, you’ll also get a code for a digital copy included, so if you’re going to get it anyway, you may as well wait. But if you’re impatient, or maybe trying to take up less shelf space, you can buy it now on Amazon Video, Google Play, iTunes, CinemaNow, or Vudu* - standalone or with bonus features (same price, either way).

If you get it on iTunes, they throw in all the Extras, same as the special features noted on the io9 post. The Vudu bonus features seem to be everything except the commentaries.

*Vudu is US only, the rest are US & Canada. If you’re in the US, and have an UltraViolet account, then you can buy it on Vudu and it will also show up on CinemaNow if you have both accounts linked to the same UV account (it will also show up on a UV-linked Flixster account, but they don’t sell anything directly). Amazon, Google and iTunes are each separate (only Disney has the power to make them play together).


Here’s a look at the menu, which should be similar to what it will look like on Blu-ray/DVD. The art might look familiar if you stuck around during the credits.


And that From Comics To Screen...To Screen turns out to be a 5 part deal.

And the Fun Sack is all the promotional TV spots and trailers.


So if you’ve sworn off physical media, or want it 2 weeks earlier than everyone buying it on Blu-ray or DVD, then go buy it today. Or if you were wondering what some of those announced special features were, now you know.


And if you get it on iTunes, or on Blu-ray/DVD 2 weeks from now, get used to having X Gon’ Give It To Ya stuck in your head.

Update: speaking of iTunes, it turns out to celebrate the occasion, Deadpool has taken over the movie store (below pic from imgur). I’m glad they included 127 Hours.