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The Goodfellas: Dawes and Miller; Expanse Episode 8

So here is where the Expanse walks the true tightrope.

I read the book a few years back, so my memory is fuzzy, but I think about 80 percent of episode 8, Salvage, wasn’t in the book as-is. And that’s all right.


But first a quick shout out to Harris and Jane, these two actor were like magic together on the screen. It’s like the two made a pact, “When we’re done, they will beg you and I to do The Godfather IV: In Space.”

While Miller is still some Jane’s best work, other actors don’t have the same level of damn chemistry.

So my biggest shock wasn’t that they went off book on this episode, but that the Roci crew came out of it looking smarter for it. Sure they don’t conveniently have the clues they need to wrap up the plot in a TV hour, (hour and half movie), but it’s amazing what happens when you decide to give a show room to breathe.

The only downside to this episode, is that I now suspect that show is now having second thoughts on the Amos casting. Chatman is a good actor, but he doesn’t come off initially as menacing as he could. A few episodes in and the long-time viewers probably have a different idea, but now it seems they are overselling how much of a thug Amos can be. I fear if they do it much more, his engineering side will be called into question.


Then again, how often do we forget that the founders of the Russian mafia have engineering degrees?

Observations: (This was more of a plot episode so not much world building going on.)

  1. Namoi trying to suss out what the hell that picture on the wall was
  2. Running gag for why Earthers have attitude, Anooobis. I’ll miss this joke, too. Though it was between two Earthers
  3. Anubis and palm trees, do Belters even know what a falcon is?
  4. The only thing I haven’t seen on the Belter side of the show is what sort of video entertainment do they watch? Do they do sitcoms? Get angry when they watch old episodes of Burn Notice and Miami Vice. “All that waata, gonna t’ waste!”

Side note: What happened to our io9 recaps? Here I thought that recaps had impacted TV watching and was the new Internet. Suddenly, it’s died. I’d figure that somewhere, someone would at least tell us that a change was coming and why?

Wasn’t the difference between corporate media giants and plucky little Internet media gnats, was that “we” are all part of their family and kept in the loop?


UPDATE: Edited the title to fit with the Recap Zone Mission statement because I like to play nice.

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