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Dear ODeck, Thank you (& Welcome to Space)

We've survived our first week with space.io9.com. As promised, here's an update on how the Recruit system functions, what's going on at Space, and what you can expect for the next three months (or forever, bwahahaha!) of posts.

To start: thank you for noticing I was updating Space, and giving me so much encouragement! Jason is another new recruit, over on animals.io9.com. His is a brand-new domain, so he's starting from scratch.


I've learned a lot about how Recruits work in the past few days. Effectively, as you wander around the Gawker media network, a cookie records which subdomains you visit. The first time you show up in a subdomain, you're a Unique. If you log into your user account, the cookies from whatever devices you log in on (computer, phone, tablet...) get condensed into one Person. I'm not sure how often you count as new again, but I suspect it translates into either how often you clear your cache, or, more likely, that the cookies expire/refresh at midnight EST. Your IP address is translated into a likely geography, and your browsing habits are poorly translated into demographic data. The metric that counts for Recruits is the US People number reported on Quancast.

Historically, Space averaged around 40,000 uniques per month, with a peak of just over 70,000 in November 2013. That climb is closely associated with Doctor Who's 50th anniversary: 38,603 uniques on the Day of the Doctor. (Did you astro-scifi buffs see my Physics Today piece on 50 years of time travel and cosmology? I think you'd like it.) Immediately afterwards, the subsite went dormant. Readership dropped an order of magnitude to roughly 2,000 dedicated regulars hoping someone would feed the space-fix (<3!). Space isn't back up to its historic levels yet, nor on track for the 300,000 US People per month target, but we're climbing fast. As a thank-you, I offer you teddy bears in SPACE:


Image via CuteOverload

If you want to support the Recruits (me, Jason, or others outside the io9 science sphere), the best thing you can do is visit their subdomain, then share any posts you find compelling.


If you've been visiting Space, you might have noticed I try to get content up at 11am/1pm/3pm EST, sometimes also at 5pm/7pm EST. I'm checking ODeck regularly to see if you're writing things I should highlight. If you write something you want to make sure I don't miss, tag it with "space." I'm having a blast, and I hope you're having fun, too.

TL;DR? Visit space.io9.com, share something you like, and thank you.

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