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Dear Tankhead Custom Tees...

I hear things are getting a little heated over your Wondercon shirt. You incited one Greg Rucka to write an angry response over the sexist nature of your shirt design. Your response was that A) there was a fanboy version, too, so it's not sexist, and B):

Anyways, the fangirl/fanboy shirts can best be explained like this: fangirls/boys =/= fans. Fans are people who like and genuinely respect a fandom, and it's creators. Fangirls/boys are like those creepy fedora wearing neckbearded bronies, or hetalia fanfiction shippers, who make us all collectively cringe in pain at what they do to the things we love.


'Kay. I get that you are very unhappy with other people playing with your things. Clearly they do things with your toys that you would never do, and this bothers you. I understand that.

I also understand that your shirt wasn't really sexist, it was just snobby. Exclusionary. It trumpeted the usual geek culture message: "You're having fun wrong, so you suck." Because there's only one way to "have real respect" for something, and everything else is a horrible something you "do to the things we love."

In other words, you still want the "us vs. them" mentality. You still want to exclude people who don't pass your test for fan cred. You want to label them in a demeaning way and by doing so, elevate yourself as the Heir Apparent of Fans, the One True Fan, the Chosen Fan, the Truest Repairfan.


Mmkay. We hear you. Yes, yes, I know the other kids are in your space. Of course, their being a part of your space doesn't take anything away from you. Their ships and fanfiction and Tumblrs don't mean you love your world any less, or that it is now less significant in its meaning in your life. You're just unhappy about having to share.

Maybe you need some alone time. Or a nap.

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