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Deathlok creator Rich Buckler dies, aged 68

The creator of Deathlok passed away last month, aged 68. Rich Buckler died on May 19 after a battle with cancer. He was a stalwart artist of both Marvel and DC comics, and also drew for Atlas/Seaboard, Dynamite and others.


I think I first encountered Buckler’s work on the Fantastic Four, possibly Thor, where he seemed able to emulate the dynamic forced perspective techniques that had proved so popular when Kirby was at the helm. But he struck new ground with a feature in the bi-monthly Astonishing Tales, the saga of a cyborg assassin resurrected in a dystopian future. Deathlok the Demolisher cast Luther Manning as a dead soldier brought back to a half-life to carry out the bidding of some machiavellian corporation. In the series, Buckler experimented with a more cinematic approach to storytelling. Unfortunately, the series came to an abrupt end, leading to some strange codas in other Marvel titles.

Buckler was a prolific cover artist for the competing comic companies. he also co-created DC’s nostalgia fest All-Star Squadron and drew the critically acclaimed Death of Jean deWolfe saga in Spectacular Spider-Man.

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