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Deborah Watling dead at 69

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Actress Deborah Watling, who played reluctant time-traveler Victoria Waterfield in Doctor Who, has died aged 69 after a battle with lung cancer.

Her brother Giles Watling, Conservative MP for Clacton, said she would be “sorely missed”.

“She was a lovely, lovely girl, bubbly and vibrant,” he said of his sibling.

The daughter of actor Jack Watling, she made he television debut in William Tell and built on that appearance as the niece of The Invisible Man. (If you are in the UK, that series is currently being rerun on Talking Pictures TV weekdays.)

Watling would go on to appear as Alice Liddell in an early take on Lewis Carroll by Denis Potter, in Danger UXB, alongside David Essex in That’ll Be The Day, and in comedy shows such as The Newcomers and Rising Damp.


She joined the cast of Doctor Who in 1967 in Evil of the Daleks playing orphaned teenager Victoria Wakefield who never quite adjusted to life in the TARDIS. Most of her episodes are missing, but notably they include Tomb of the Cybermen, The Ice Warriors, both Yeti adventures (which co-stared her father) and Fury From The Deep.

She reprised the role of Victoria in independent Yeti spin-off Downtime (which arguably introduces us to Kate Stewart but lacks a certain coherence).


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