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DECK OFF - Day 3 challenge (and Day 2 Winner)

[Winner after the jump!]

Yesterday I asked our challengers to make an argument for their favourite captain. Quasi did some pandering and posted Captain Canuck videos, so you know, full points. But bang did an essay on Mal Reynolds with gifs and videos and it is a thing of beauty.


BANGARANG! (AKA bang won this round)

So today's challenge!

This one comes from our previous winner, Drillpress:

The combatants must tell me a story using only .gifs. They can't use any more than 5. It must have an obvious beginning, middle and end. They can't use any words in their comments at all, but the gifs can have words as long as they are meme kind of things like this:

Of course, since Kinja is being a bitch, they can provide the link to the .gif if it gets the dreaded "still processing" place holder. The only acceptable words in the comments are hyperlinks to the gif, like "Image 1", "Image 2", etc.


You have until 5 pm EST!

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