Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

(Winner announced tomorrow with the final challenge). SO WHO WROTE THE BEST SAFE FOR WORK FAN FIC??

I know it was quite a challenge (DrillPress) to write something about sexy, sexy Riker (DrillPress) and have it not be pant-dropping (DrillPress) but you both came through!


Also, good work from everyone who put in their own submissions! They were great!

Our challengers!


With an emptied, defenseless Enterprise now at the mercy of the Romulan warbird aiming its disrupters at it, the gravitas of Riker’s fate finally sank in. Will’s adversary callously called for his officer to open fire on the crippled ship and Number One knew this would be his last tango in space.


As his thoughts tried to drift away from the situation, they settled on a half-forgotten joke Drillpress once told him: What does a waterlogged brass band play?

Rusty trombones.

With the destructive glow of the enemy now destroying his beloved ship, Will Riker smiled for the last time.


Captain Max

“Captain Max, once again you’ve saved the Enterprise and her crew! You truly are Starfleet’s greatest hero!” Commander Riker’s praise was unnecessary. The Captain didn’t perform space heroics for the glory; he felt bound to risk his life for the men under his command. “Your compliments will be noted in the log, Will, but now I am in need of relaxation. Are you up for a round of Anbo-jitsu?” A smile burst forth from Riker’s lips. “Captain, I’m still fairly sore from our last round, but I am your Number One.” Max returned Will’s smile and said “That you are.”



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