Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Yesterday's winner was...


You wowed everyoen with your SFW fan fic :)

This is it, folks! The last challenge. The final play. The last hurrah. The hail mary pass. Other sports metaphors.


What do I want to see?

GIFs. It's Friday. I want your best GIFs! This is a GIF war.


DrillPress, since you're in the lead you shall shoot the starting... shot? God, I suck at sports metaphors. You get to post the first GIF. Captain Max responds, then back and forth, etc.


  • ONE GIF per response. This needs to remain linear for ease of following. It ends when 5 pm EST rolls around. Don't delay just to post the last parting shot, that won't win any extra points. Whoever has it at the end is whoever has it.
  • Keep it SFW. I like to see the progress while I'm at work!

Now, this is when I say the previous challenges meant very little point-wise and this is what is going to determine the Winner of All.


Happy Hunger Games... I mean, Happy GIFfing!

(PS I learned a new Kinja quirk: I had these posts saved as drafts, and when I originally hit post it posted them into the past. As in, the time and date I had originally saved the draft. Booo)


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