Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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(Winner will be declared tomorrow with the new challenge) Our poets have submitted their work! Or, in Captain's case, a lot of work. I don't grade extra credit. Reading is hard. So I picked your acrostic, as it was roughly the same length as Drill's, Cap'n.

DECKERS: Vote for your favourite in the comments!


Of tigers, I confess to be,

My stripes duel orange and black.

Sharp claws and wits to snare my prey,

I pounce, too quick, attack!

Though grimace stained with blood, too neat

My menace need not frighten.

For puns and jest be served to nom,

My humor doth enlighten.

To see me simply, this is true,

To quell this boring life.

Online I play, with all of you,

Our joust does kill the strife.

From the Lone Star land I hunt the plains

Through rainbows, see my eyes.

The cowgirl's favors dropped, but oh,

My stripes lean toward the guys.

This cage I pace does hold me dear,

Its lock I cannot pick!

A slave to work, I must protest,

This job can suck my… time?

A nerd am I, though friends don’t share

My likes and understands.

To all of you, I am but one,

A comrade holding hands.

And so my story comes to end,

Tis honest, that’s no lie.

My best be placed upon the plate,

And served to you, on high.

Captain Max:

Catapulting through the stars

Atlantis’ troubles in the past

Preparing for reentry

Thrust reversers set to blast

Alarm klaxons begin to blare

Indications of something amiss

No readings from the spaceship

Maybe Jinx is responsible for this

A memory starts to reemerge

Xenon lights bathe the shuttle

Announcers count down from ten

Not one sign of trouble

Damn, a thermal curtain failure!

Jinx and Max, friends forever

Ignite the second booster!

No radios or oxygen whatsoever!

Xebecs used to sail the seas

While we now sailed through space

Intercept course set for Daedalus

New challenges to face

Now our oxygen is refilled

Edwards landing window is passed by

Recalculate for White Sands

Safe on deck, we didn't die!


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